http://www.appliedcombat.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Roaring-Tiger113.jpgA.C.M.A is a private, traditional martial arts school that specializes in Short Fist Boxing and Pak Mei Kung Fu.  We are located in the city of Shoreline in Washington state.

Our emphasis is on functionality.  The majority of our training is done with partners so that students quickly become familiar with the timing, reactions, and attributes of a real person as they learn and work each technique.  Students are trained to use our system while wearing boxing gloves as well as bare-handed.

Our training is quality, not progression oriented. Progressing in our art is based on growth in one’s personal ability.  Our unique culture is built around an enthusiastic and dedicated class atmosphere, each person helping the others to learn, adapt and improve.

Our program allows a more casual student to quickly attain a proficient level of skill and fighting ability, while opening up a much deeper, life-long path of training to those that wish to take their training to a higher tier.

A.C.M.A. is located in north Seattle.  Classes for new students are held twice a week, with more training days available as one progresses in the system.  Come observe a class and meet with the instructor to see if you are a good fit; no prior experience is necessary. 

If you would like to train with us or have questions, please contact us.  (infoATappliedcombat.com)