2014 Retreat Pictures



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  1. mike doucet says:

    Another fine group to work with. Who’s the grumpy guy on the end? My wife and I just got back from the island. She gave the place her touch again–dutch cleaned. She said I was becoming a hoarder saving an empty tea box and I would not let her throw it out lol. Bit of history there. Bought a couple of new signs for the cabin courtesy of a certain jar. It’s nice to sit back , have a coffee and rethink the retreats. Lot’s of great memories. It was really quiet, the water was great for swimming and the bass were plentiful. Jason has already indicated that most if not all will be returning and there may be a few new ones. They are also confirming on this end. My son Reg said he will be at both of them next year. Jason also tells me you are all training hard. I think jason was right in that it will be hard to get a spot at these retreats in the future.

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