2013 Retreat Pictures

“The week long retreat at Taemagami Lake was an amazing experience. It was a privilege to learn forms and techniques from Mike Doucet, who is not only a master of martial arts, but also a warm and generous person.
I really enjoyed the layout of our days: coffee followed by a hard workout, then a huge gluttonous brunch. After that we would have some downtime for swimming, reading, or practicing before the evening workout, which would also be followed by a feast.
In addition to learning a new style of combat, the frequency of drilling and personal instruction from Mike, Max, and Jason helped improve my overall body mechanics. I was discovering what it felt like to really have efficiency in my movement. As side note discoveries, I learned that Canadian fishing technique involves a lot of trash talk, that hungry martial artists can really put down steaks, and that a sheet will do over a sleeping bag in July.” – A.L.