Iron Skills

Toughening and conditioning the body and limbs is a focus in our training regimen.  In our lineage these skills are passed down from the teacher to dedicated students, and this tradition is still followed in our school today.

The methods for toughening and hardening the body and limbs follow a systematic process that utilizes both solo and partner exercises. These exercises are used in combination with equipment training that includes the use of 3 star exercises, rattan bundles, iron bars, hanging bags, and more to strengthen and forge the body. Regular training in these methods lets one train harder, and for longer.  Along with this comes an increased ability to stay relaxed on impact; as well as confidence in using the body explosively under pressure.

Advanced students are taught an extensive hand and finger training process that changes the capabilities of the body and amplifies the power of the individual while also making the hands much more resistant to injury.

Massage techniques, use of dit da jows, various liniments and herbs, breathing exercises and specific instruction on how to prevent short and long term injury while training the body in this way are also part of our system.  Students at A.C.M.A. begin strengthening and toughening the body from day one.