Founder and head instructor at A.C.M.A., Jason Bartlett has been training rigorously in the martial arts since 1995.  As a closed door disciple of Sifu Mike Doucet* of CAACMA,  Jason  specializes in Pak Mei Kung Fu (White Brow) and Short Fist Boxing.

Prior to his Pak Mei training Jason taught and competed in Hung Gar Kung Fu, full contact Kuoshu and San Shou under Sifu’s John Tautz, Thomas Speight, and John S.S. Leong for over 10 years.  He has won several championships in China and Canada, as well as in the United States in both full contact fighting and kung-fu forms.

Jason makes a point of seeking out skilled martial artists from various disciplines to improve and deepen his knowledge of his system, as well as the strong points of other styles. It is his goal to ensure that the art he is teaching is an effective living body of knowledge.

* Currently residing in Ontario, Mike Doucet is an 8th generation Pak Mei Sifu from Lee Chun Pai from Siu Man Cheung from N.K. Ng.  Visit for more information on Pak Mei Kung Fu.