2012 Retreat Pictures

“Imagine that you get to spend an entire week in serene cabin on the lake with your room and board covered and all of your meals provided. Now, add to that, the only thing you need to do each day is learn and practice martial arts. Now, add in that the martial art you are learning and practicing is a fighting art that has been refined and distilled down to some very simple, ferocious and effective movements. If you’re following along, then you are picturing exactly what I experienced last week at Mike Doucet’s July 2012 Short Fist retreat.

I met several other martial artists and had the opportunity to train with real martial arts masters. I was honored to be there and I left with pages of notes covering Short Fist, Dragon Claw, Chinese Soft Fist, Tai Chi and more. I have enough material to last me at least a year and I intend to keep working it until I can return next year.

Mike himself is one of the coolest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. It was immediately evident to me that he is a master (understatement), but he is also one of the most down to Earth people I’ve met. He has an uncanny ability to track where each person is in their absorption of the material and he knows how to handle training newbies and advanced practitioners in the same group setting.

I work a desk job, and by the time of the retreat, I was in need of a vacation. This retreat was perfect for me. The tempo was set by the group and there was never a rush to get to training or to finish and get back to the cabin. It was very laid back and it was a real pleasure to meet and interact with such cool people who take their martial art as seriously as I do.

When I returned, I felt two predominant feelings: deeply inspired and surprisingly well rested. I can’t wait to go back next year!” – T.V.