Power and Politics

I have found many inconsistencies in Pak Mei sites on the web. There is a great difference between a todei and an outdoor student. One difference is that the requirements are not based on money. With decades under great teachers, I had to start over again. I had to prove my martial arts background, style and teachers. A background check was requested on my parents, grandparents and information about where they came from was required. After a great deal of communication, I was accepted and things went from there. I was warned that as our style received fame, more would claim it. Most have been contacted on the net and so far, none can produce information, as we have been taught to recognize a legitimate practitioner of the style. The only ones to prove themselves to us so far are in Vancouver’s Chinatown. However, I am not suggesting that they are the only one in North America. What we are saying is that the ones who don’t answer with the proper information are suspect. I have documentation as to my authenticity from Ng Nm Ging and photos of my bi ci. I have seen tapes with tricks, misnamed sets, some not even close to the real thing. There was a demonstration tape on the di pa, which is my specialty, as it suits my build. It looked like it was made up on the spot! The hand sets were misnamed and had no “ging”. There is a criteria that tells me if a person is really a qualified teacher or not. I am not suggesting that I know it all, but I know enough to tell what is legitimate…including the different types of ging.

It is easy to fool the gullible types or those that have no way of checking up on a claim of legitimacy. Holding up placards is definitely not a tradition in any Chinese art. I have done all types of breaks…ice breaks, breaking without touching, calling out the piece of stone in a pile to break, blindfolded watermelon cuts etc. back in the sixties and seventies. The audience was told that some were illusions and some were tricks and they were challenged to tell me how it was done. I have never claimed to be a “grand puba” of any sort. In the old days, I could contact Nm Ging or Cheung Sui Man and others. A lot of them are dead now or moved away, but I still have friends who are alive and who actually knew Cheung Lai Chun. Some of them come from todei in Canton, before even Nm Ging learned. It is really annoying when someone represents themselves as some sort of quality control. I think some might have delusions of grandeur. I will keep an open mind and if someone I don’t know is truly my senior or knows more, I am more than willing to listen. Photos, demos and the like will not prove it to me. Just answer appropriately what I’ve been taught to expect from a practitioner and I will be glad to converse or get together.

This should complete any questions on the web.
Bak Mei Pai