E-mail Warriors

Email is a great communication device for individuals who choose to say things that they would not normally have the courage to say in person. Our web site is brutally honest and of course, tends to rub people who sell “pseudo” pak mei for money, the wrong way. The majority of e-mails we receive are from intelligent students of all arts. Most of the e-mails say “way to go, finally, someone has the courage to speak out”. Despite my years of training, I still consider myself a student of the arts.

I can safely assume from some of the e-mails that we are getting that we are hitting the “pretenders” pretty hard. They are so desperate for acceptance that they put their students up to sending e-mails that are, for the most part, ridiculous. For example, we received one from a group in the United States with a picture of the instructor holding up a placard with Chinese writing on it. He was claiming that this was his teaching license. Their explanation of “bi-ci” was confused with something relating to a Chinese wedding!! This abuse of Chinese terms is quite appalling. Another example is an email from a guy who claims to be 7th generation and his “sijo” is blah, blah, blah…..Someone should inform this misguided individual that “sijo” means founder.

I don’t claim to know it all, so when someone throws out a name, I refer it to my sifu who can then speak to either Cheung Sui Man or Woo Wai Quan. One comes from Nm Ging and the other from Yip Gee Sum. One family is from the old Hong Kong days and the other is from Cheung Lai Chun’s days in Canton. It’s funny…when it comes to the art, they are the same. They share knowledge and yet, they have never heard of these self-proclaimed instructors in the States.

Woo Wai Quan is travelling to Hong Kong on business and when he returns, we will put up some pictures. They will be of Yip Gee Sum with Woo Wai Quan and Cheung Lai Chun, Woo Wai Quan at Cheung Lai Chun’s grave as well as some other famous teachers. Have you noticed that many claim to come from Cheung Lai Chun or Nm Ging, but cannot produce a single picture of either one of them with their teacher?

We are open to all who are “real” and we do get along. If there is someone who can prove that they know more than me, I would gladly recognize this. I would like to refer you to a new article titled “Pak Mei Traditions”, which I’m sure will serve as a wake up call. Finally, I would like to say this…if you read something on our web site that offends you, don’t just e-mail me…come and see me face to face so we can discuss it in person.
Mike Doucet
Cheung Pak Mei Boxing