Pak Mei Traditions

One of our main traditions is the way we teach our art. This tradition was handed down from Cheung Lai Chun to his todei. It begins with bi-ci…a tradition that has become very much abused in North America.

Another tradition is that we teach teachers or someone experienced in another art. Confusion arises when we are asked why not teach beginners? We do teach beginners, but not as todei. In the words of a Southern White Crane master…”I teach Wu Tai Chi because my art is too dangerous for the general public to learn and I don’t trust anyone”. We do not go to that extreme, although, this idea is quite valid.

Our traditions are no different from the art as passed on in Canton and Hong Kong. Our family from Nm Ging is the same as Woo Wai Quan’s which stems from Cheung Lai Chun’s days in Canton. We point this out many times in our articles because the groups in the States are different from each other and bear no resemblance to us.

In Hong Kong and Canton, there were different groups of students. Some of Cheung Lai Chun’s people were wealthier than others. Those who had to teach for a living, were given permission to teach as long as the sets were changed…this lead to the creation of the “outdoor students” who didn’t really learn very much. The forms were changed and if any were taught to students, they were not shown how to use them. Only a few forms were taught. Those who showed more promise, were invited to a class at a different time. From this second class, “outdoor todei” were picked and from this class, the “indoor todei” were picked. One special student was given a copy of the styles manuscript which was copied and given back to his sifu. This book stems from Cheung Lai Chun and contains the sets, medicines, lists of todei and other important information. We have this manuscript.

Nm Ging did not have to teach anyone for money as he was very wealthy. Anyone claiming to come from him would have to be todei. Holding up placards as evidence of a teaching license is NOT Pak Mei!!

We have no interest in teaching for money, making videos of Pak Mei or becoming the head of any association…nor is anyone else that is “real” in Pak Mei. The real ones smile at the truth in our web site…the “pretenders” become very uncomfortable.

Those who do not know the style use tricks or refer to “ging” as proof of the art. All real Kung Fu has ging! The new craze is “tremor power”, which is a new-fangled way of referring to “ging tang ging” or “slippery ging”. It is merely a way of escaping out of holds and is tricked up by some using gullible students to appear as someone with great power. This ging is common among Wu Tai Chi practitioners. What is unique in our style is the way we produce ging. In regards to answering questions…we answer to no one, unless they prove to be real. Anyone else is not qualified to teach and is using the name to exploit gullible students.

Mike Doucet
Pak Mei Pai