Grand Pubas


Have you ever wondered when you read a magazine if that 30 year old (or sometimes a little older or younger) can be that Grand whatever? Have you ever sat down and considered what it would take to be considered as a Great Grand Puba? Whenever I first met a real teacher, he would be well over the age of puberty, be able to shave, and did not have to write or have articles written on himself in magazines. Every time I have seen someone strutting in their uniforms talking about themselves, talking in riddles, or making clams of great knowledge, I wonder “Where do they get it from?”. Is it from some mysterious Chinese cook of a ship, or from some religious revelation? I have heard it all. I have seen and heard about someone teaching my style, Bak Mei, only to find, in one case, it was a lie. They were using the name only. I have read it in magazines as well. People either claiming to teach it or a style that was a cousin to Bak Mei. There is only one style that is a cousin to Bak Mei. That is Loung Ying. To get back to the title of Grandmaster, or the like, one should consider that one who is in the tender age would not likely have been the originator of anything. There are so many out there that I believe are legends in the their own minds. When you are going out there to learn from someone, find out who they learned from and what it is they are teaching. Find out of this is another mysterious cook of a ship story, of which you can usually find neither hide nor hair. You would not believe it if a car salesman told you that the ’57 Chev with 650 H.P. engine was a car that “a little old lady drove to church on Sundays.” Don’t turn your mind and body over to someone who learned from anyone that you cannot trace the real teacher or it sounds too grand. In a good many cases, if it sounds too good to be true, quite often it is. These articles are intended to educate the budding student to make a good choice. If you find you have made a mistake, please swallow your pride and look elsewhere. In my decades as a martial artist, I have seen some extremely unethical claims to fame. I can only think that these people have no other way to earn a living and are desperate.
Pak Mei Pai