Short Fist Boxing (Inner Gung Fu)

The four short inner sets
These sets came about due to the fact that I was not sure that I should teach Pak Mei at the time. Also, I needed to have a boxing that was based on physics, not the movements of mythical animals or that took too long to learn. In other words – quick, effective, and powerful. By quick to learn I mean less than 7 or 8 years to be effective and that would work in a lot of different situations. Not a sport, not pretty, and not for movies. I spent a lot of time researching different types and the things that one runs into in real life. This research was not done by theory but by using it in a method that was painful and did produce some damage to each opponent. The training was designed to 4 of my students to fight in the full contact tournament in Taiwan, which is bare knuckle. The rules in Taiwan were simple, you could use ground work, low kicks, take downs, etc. I had approximately 3 years to produce winners. I taught them a type of iron hand that required boiling in medicine; being able to fight full contact with just a mouth guard and a cup. They were celibate for the period of training, (or supposed to be). They could run 5 miles or more each day and do knuckle push-ups on gravel – anything. I taught them body conditioning so they could take a punch and how to deal with strikes anywhere on their body. The rules used in Taiwan were simple and few at that time. An example of the first time, held two fighters were killed. Some papers in Asia billed it as the Taiwanese blood bath. The times that my four were challenged before hand, they never lost. The bouts were three, 3 minute rounds and you could even throw a man out of the ring. It was brutal and the injuries were staggering! There is a lot more to training with those four sets that I have not gone into, and I won’t. I will not teach anyone ever again like those four. First, I do not think there is anyone with that dedication to go through it, and it is a brutalizing experience for the fighters. There also are things that I taught them, that I wouldn’t trust to anyone now. The two last sets have things that should stay with only those four and no one else. The movements are definitely not to be used for sport. There is no other than those four that know how it really works as the sets were designed for them only and so no one could work out anything dangerous without the knowledge from me or one of mine. Two have not done them for years, one is dead – that leaves Mike and myself. We are the only two left that have any knowledge of how they really work. The sets themselves need to have with them the knowledge that is visible and were passed on by me and written by Mike. They are ours to determine what happens to them and cannot be bought. They are a precursor to learning the Pak Mei as I was taught and only the few ever learn. My style as the great teacher Cheung Lai-Chun practiced will not be for sale and if only one tode learns it, it will not die. It lasted many years in China when names of boxing were not used and will continue long after my death and my todes are gone. This is the real proof of a real art, that it will exist long after the founders are gone.

Sijo (Founder)

Pak Mei Pai