This is but a small version of history without the “he said” of politics. I am a martial artist disciplenot a politician. This is as told to me by my sifu Cheung Siu-Man, an honourable man.  The style was named by Cheung Lai Cheun after his sifu’s sifu. What name it had before was not known. Probably, it was a Daoist type taught in the temple Cheung Lai Cheun was in.  Cheung became obsessed with learning after he observed a young monk in a restaurant that the Manchus didn’t bother.  It took some time to get the monk to talk, but he finally got the monk drunk.  As Cheung Lai Cheun was proficient at Loong Ying, they eventually played.  The monk easily defeated him and, as they say, he was hooked. After chasing after the monk’s teacher, Cheung became a Daoist priest.  I have this picture.  Cheung did teach at the Wong Poe military college for three months until Ng Nam King found him and took him to his home.  There have been many claims and statements made by certain people.  Most, I am sure, out of ignorance or because they wish to make themselves a reputation on the backs of others.  The ignorant are to be ignored as they are small, the others should hope they never have to back their mouths.  There are others that are in my art that are real, and should people talk of things they know nothing about they may need their health insurance.  This is as I was taught by an honourable sifu from the Pak Mei Boxing Association Hong Kong.

-Lee Chun Pai, April 1998