Mike Doucet, (seated at right) grandson of Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai  and senior closed-door disciple of Lee Chun Pai.  Mike is 8th generation Cheung Pak-Mei from Lee Chun Pai from Siu Man Cheung from N.K. Ng. Lee Chun Pai (seated at left) is 7th generation Pak Mei and the first named grandson of the late Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai. Lee is frequently flown in from Vancouver to conduct invitation-only seminars. It is then that Lee shares his time and knowledge during personal one-on-one instruction.


The group from the “old days”.

*Sifu Mike Doucet has retired from teaching and currently acts as an advisor.  His martial arts have been passed down into the hands of his sons; Max and Reggie Doucet, and his todei Jason Bartlett.