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leecutgreylowresLee Pai — Yip Gi Sum

Quoting Lee:

“I was impressed with him as a gentleman who had a great sense of humour. We talked about the history of CLC and we talked about my ci-gung – as he knew him as well. We did some demonstrating. He was very fast at his age. As fast as most much younger. He is 75 years young and in good shape. I look forward to meeting with him again in the future.”
-Lee chanhallMing Chan’s Group — Lion Dance

koushouKoushou Fighters Who Won More Than 8 Tournaments

LeeEarlyYearLee Early YearsleewLee Pai and Woo Wai Quan Sifu Pak Mei mingchanloongyingMing Chan Loong Ying

taiwansifudannypaiSifu From Taiwan With Danny PaitgleepaiTony Galiano Visiting Lee PaidannycheungageDanny – around the same age as when Cheung Sui Man was brought to Nam Ng by his fatherlpLee Pai demonstrating Tiger Forkleesonweb2Young Danny – Transition posture of Sup Gee Kuen Opening Koushou tournament Las Vegas drwebLion Dance

leemLee Pai and Ming Chan weddingCheung Sui-Man’s Wedding ckmag